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 The main theme of our attitudes & activities is to embody a dynamic creative mind; In a way that the complex and brilliant mental world of the designer or the artisan, become objective & physical to everyone. Depending on our perception & attitude toward goods, perhaps we all have felted a link while facing these innovative modernist minds that are manifested in the works of art. In a sense, this may be the moment of our entrance into the world of the artist's/craftsman's ideas, approaches & attitudes. Perhaps this saying of Yanni has beautifully represented the essence of the talks over this topic; that he says: "When we create we become something more than the sum of all our component elements". In our vision, the great spirit in the world beneath the creators' mind, is represented honestly by listening to the Bach Violin Concerto D-minor, or by an indescribable feeling that is caused by the sound of "Tar" (performed by Hossein Alizadeh in the film "Delshodegan") ,or even by the craftsmanship and sophistication in Bill Mitchell's Corvette Design that brings us to cuddle.

Performances in creative composition, the Guarneri and Stradivarius seductive sound of violin, the unique personality of Yehudi Menuhin, Anne Sophie Mutter & Nigel Kennedy's bowings, heavenly voice of Tar "Yahya" played by Hossein Alizadeh & great skills of engineers to manufacture that Corvett, all play the same role in their transference of fine sense & presentation.

 With such a belief & view, we try to follow their path sometimes as a designer, a performer or a manufacturer to bring all those perfections to Life. Such an attitude and view point, demands broad and deep knowledge in various areas. So we determine to keep our abilities up to date and collaborate with masters of creative activities in different fields of science.

Minia Artworks

 Our artistic department is controlled by Minia Art design center that concentrates on creating artistic goods in particular, in comparison to other works of our design collection that include more industrial features.

This department tries to introduce new designs with an innovative approach that pays more attention to natural elements, symbols & materials; in communication with handcrafting features & batch & limited production.

 The inherent genuine of natural elements like wood, stone, leather, metal and so on, with their wide vast of engravings, colors & forms has been the inspiration to most valuable works. Meanwhile, however, the focus lies in the quality & intrinsic specifications, such as the coldness in metal with the eye-catching shiny varnish finishings, or the warmth & amiable nature of wood with those pleasant engravings of it, or even the colors & metaphysical energies in stones, or rich textured leathers with notes of sweet & nostalgic feeling, that is the subject of our ideas.

In most activities & productions of this art center, supernatural circles of energy & FengShui rules are concerned.

 Some of activities done with this method are exposed & introduced on our "Art" page.

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History and Inception

 PEZHMAN  Design center  set up its designing & producing activities in 2003 on the basis of the founders precious experiences & academic knowledge. The main areas of its activities, are defined as industrial designing and all its categories. Evident aspects of the company's activities including strategic knowledge of product design, design mastering are performed with full attention to the essential characteristics of this field of work. We also manipulate new and up to date methods of industrial design, high-throughput techniques of product  design, development & manufacturing by the use of sophisticated computer softwares. (which also are used in large and well-known companies such as GM, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Mercedes, Porsche, etc.)

Subject: brief résumé

To whom it may concern;

My name is Maryam Honarmand. I was born on 21st of October 1983 in Shiraz.

I hold a BS in Industrial Design; From Alzahra state university of Tehran, which I entered in 2002 and graduated in 2007. I'm single & live in Tehran & Shiraz. I'm the founder & director to Minia Art Works center.

·           I have a good command of Reading, Listening & Speaking in English; And know a great deal about my province-related computer programs, such as: Ms windows, Word Processors, Internet surfing, AutoCAD, 3Ds Max,  Photoshop, & illustrator; And I'm about to learn advanced Rhinoceros too.

·           I'm closely familiar with most industrial machinery of wood, metal, stone, etc. And knowing the importance of standards role in manufacturing goods, I know standardizing methods such as TEMA & TC too.

Industrial Designing students are taught a variety of engineering and artistic knowledge & skills during university years, therefore in comparison with other fields of engineering, I have mobility in the fields in a shorter term.

Sincerely Yours