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 Violins' charm is considerable for simplification and inherent minimalism that exists in the structure, complicated and difficult techniques, configuration of the instrument, & finally the ability to make high and deep spiritual affections. Esoteric character, the mentioned paradoxes and finally mermaid melody of violin has always been a case of attention. The inherent simplicity of the instrument has made playing it as taming noble wild horses that has no interest in giving rides.

Playing the violin can be considered as taming one of the most noble races that meanwhile, has continued his venomous nasty temper. Even in the technical and engineering point of view, the complex and advanced aspects of the instruments' characters come to surface. Violin fingering board is so precise that we can compare it with a caliper.As the scales and the distances of the fingers, shifting positions and performing harmonies, etc are All, remindful of the precision used in caliper. Because they are so much exact. Speaking in this chapter, is certainly dedicated to the great musicians, but our interest and fascination, was responsible for delivering a few lines on this subject.

Hossein Alizade
Setar Handcrafted By M.Jalilvand


 The interaction between the player and Setar, is considered well from several aspects. In terms of volume, Setar is a shy and modest insrtument. Whether this feature is delicate & has made many music lovers interested. In the case of sound quality, many musicians has named it as a "noble" instrument. having a very close relationship between the player & the instrument as a kind of plectrum and left hand techniques, are is another considerable feature. Jalal Zolfonun's Regular deeds combined with creativity and innovation, as a player & composer, marked a new chapter in the life of the Persian traditional music.

The simplicity of the folk music's pieces , dialect and very unique and personal expression of him (in a way that I personally believe that, the sound of Zolfonun's instrument is easy to distinguished even from outstanding students of his school)

 & finally, the spirit of his performances, has founded a unique position for him as in relation to persian music and Setar. In a different approach, Setar is especially indebted to Hossein Alizadeh, for his innovations and creativity. In the construction and arrangement of music pieces, has always showed a distinctive and sophisticated character of the work while being committed to Persian Radif. In some cases, this atmosphere forms a creative mental sense and a pretty brilliant beauty in the mind of the listener. strength and glory in performing the picks, the impressive technical ability and finally an artistic perception, are some of the main features of Alizadeh's works. Of course, whenever someone delivers a speech on Setar, we remember the two great masters.

Yehudi Menuhin

Nigel Kennedy

Anne Sophie Mutter

Luciano Pavarotti

Specialized Persian Instrument: Setar

Setar Handcrafted by M.Rasul Jalilvand

Categories: Persian Radif, folk

Time period: 18 years

Under the Supervision of Mr. Ali Ashraf

Favourites: Hossein Alizade, Jalal Zolfonun, Habil Aliof, Kayhan Kalhor, Khalil Alinezhad, Dariush Talaee...

PEZHMAN as a Violinist

Categories: Classical, Baroque and ...

Time period: 14 years

Under the Supervision of Maestro Reza Alemi

Favourites: Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart...


Yehudi Menuhin, Anne Sophie Mutter, Nigel Kennedy, Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Bucelli, Sarah Brightman, YANNI, Vangelis, James Hetfield, Yngwie Malmsteen, Eric Clapton, Joe Satriani, Hossein Alizade, Habil Aliof, Keyhan Kalhor, Mohammad Reza Shajarian...

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