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Development of Ideas

 In this stage we send the elected sketches to the next department for further operations; such as vector modeling, 3D modeling , and performing different compositions.

In the development of these ideas, the selected drawing to perform, required to be sent to the relevant departments. Model vector of the selected sketches, making the sample composition and the composition of the three-dimensional model, is performed at this stage.


 Based on a series of factors such as customer demands and preferences, we will start to implement ideas, sketches and etudes. In this step we will extend these ideas and ultimately by restricting the options, we direct process to the final design.

Complete Package

 If the employer is interested in the whole package of advertising, it will be supplied including corporate identifications, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, Shopping bags, Promotion Trophies, catalogs and presentation CDs with considering all principles of marketing and professional design.

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