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Preliminary Arrangement

 Preliminary arrangement is generated based on what the client desired. The arrangement is presented to client & any changes & modifications will be done till the arrangement & details approved by client. Then project will be continued on next phase which is 3D modeling of environment using textures, materials, lightings & cameras play their rule to bring it to life.

RollOver & Gathering Information

 At first step we do rollover of the building & gathering information such as capturing some views & details which could play an important role in the environment & arrangement as well. Preliminary plan of the building drawn by hand and the dimensions inserted in it.Then, client fill the form of design properties & describe what is desired.

Production & Installation

 Every elements inserted in the arrangement will be produced & manufactured by the relative materials shown in the Design. Then carried to the site & assembled. Finaly all the elements & objects will be placed in its location based on the arrangement of the Design.