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 The process continues by final renderings, feasibile animations, prototype models, etc till achieving the ultimate goal. In the case of prototype modeling, rapid prototyping devices, CAD/CAM systems & five-axis robotic CNCs come in handy.


 This stage of the work starts with drawing of the points, lines and curves with a complying scheme that is a sketch or a blueprint. For the continuation, the initial levels and overall body are shaped on the basis of the elements above. Note that each part include particular components. Now the complied & sound structure is created with all the intricacy by the means of Alias Studio Tools and Rhinoceros.

Composition, Evaluation, Solution

 After the modeling phase, all elements are sent to other related softwares in order to fulfill the project goals. For example, in some cases for analyzing and evaluating they are sent to the Dassault Systemes CATIA, or Maya, Image Studio or 3D studio MAX for final rendering.